20190911Libin Portraits- - Lianne Tomfoh


My name is Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen. I am a clinical health psychologist, an associate professor of psychology, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend. 


As a clinical psychologist I’ve dedicated my career trying to figure out how people can calm their minds and nervous systems in the face of great adversity. I told a granting agency once that my research was on the science of restoration. I think this was one of the most accurate descriptions I have ever given of my work, but as every academic knows, research is me-search and so really, what I have is a career that lets me try to figure out how to relax and stay present in times of stress.  


We are all in this together now, the truth is we always were, but it’s never been more apparent. I started Calgary Anxiety with the hope that the strategies I have learned will help people who are struggling with anxiety, stress and low mood and that we can support each other in getting through this crisis with kindness, presence and even a little rest. 

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